Welcome to my site!

Hello, this is my site this site will be teaching you guys all about birds and bird watching! First I’m going to make a list of things you might need for bird watching!

1. Binoculars (optional)

2. Camara (If you want to take pictures)

3. Bird field guide

So now you guys know just what you guys need so now I’m going to tell you guys how to use them the binoculars you can use them to look at the birds from long distances! (Quick Tip) You can go bird watching anywhere you want! Your Camara is very good for bird watching because you can make a whole bird watching book with it! And last but not least the Bird field guide, this item is really easy to know what bird it is!

Image result for bird field guide binoculars and camera

Now for bird watching tips,

1. You don’t actually need a real bird watching Camara all you really need is a phone they have a good distance zoom in and its not that big so that means its not heavy!

2. You can also use your phone for binoculars and you really don’t have to put your eyes up to it for anything you could just zoom in on your phone and the Camara and the binoculars are all inside the phone!

Image result for i phone 11 pro max

The next thing I want to talk about is that you really don’t need a picture to the bird so that’s why you can write a Life list their is 2 good things about it really you can also write a year list and the reward for the most birds in a year list is 100,000 dollars and the second good thing about a life list is that you have all of the birds that you’ve seen in your bird watching career!

Image result for life list

The next thing I’ve got is that this thing could really help you download the app (“EBird”) its a app that when you go bird watching right when you get back you go on to EBird and you press submit it asks where did you go for bird watching then you type in the place that you went then it shows all the birds that live their then you see some boxes right next to the different species of birds that live their and you type in the number of that bird that the box is next to!

Image result for Ebird screen shots

Now the next thing that I’m going to say is the best camera brands if you want to take pictures,

1. Nikon

2. Canon

3. The bronze class cameras

Image result for nikon camera

Now I’m going to show you guys a bird gallery, It’s technically just ton of bird pictures!

Bird, Blue Jay, Blue And White, Wildlife
Bird, Humming Bird, Humming, Nature

Alright! Now that you have seen a bird gallery time for me to keep teaching about birding! The next thing I want to talk about, where you need to be,

1. You need to be in a quiet area with almost 0 movement,

2. you are going to have to be in a small group 4 and less people

Bench, Sitting, Resting Place, Park
peaceful place with no movements

Also maybe here’s some pretty good tips…

1. Be quiet

2. avoid sudden movements

3. follow the crowd

4. study habitat

5. work the flocks

6. be patient

7. get the son at your back

8. try pishing

Now that you know some pretty good facts… I think you guys should be able to bird watching by your self now! I have just 1 more thing have fun bird watching and don’t scare the birds.

Have fun bird watching hope you win 100,000 dollars!

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