Welcome back to realbird.org!

Now that you have learned the first session of birding now I will teach you guys the second!

Now I am going to be telling you guys general bird facts!

I am going to start with the facts of the most popular birds to the least popular!

1. The crowned blue jay gets its name because when it gets scared or threatened it makes a little “jay” “jay”!

2. The northern female cardinal if you think it looks red you are wrong it is all brown with zero red on it!

3. Some blue jays don’t have a crown and those blue jays are a 1 and a million present chance of seeing!

4. The chipping sparrow if you never noticed has a little red bump on Its head

Image result for reddest cardinal i've ever seen
male cardinal

Now that you know a little bit about the birds I know… I am going to teach you guys the bird calls the blue jay obviously goes “jay” “jay” the cardinal just gives 7 chirps 1 short chirp 1 short chirp another short chirp another short chirp another short chirp and 1 very long chirp the chipping sparrow has 1 short chirp another short chirp and 1 long chirp!

Now that you know some bird chirps you can recognize the birds that I mentioned by chirp!

The next thing I wanna talk about in session 2 is how to recognize the birds female and male the first bird I wanna help you guys recognize is this bird is really hard it is called a house finch, the female just looks like a regular house sparrow and the male is the bird with the all upper body red!

I feel like your ready to go bird watching by your self now but first I have to tell you what bird watching places are really good!

1. grand island lousiana USA

2. cape may new jersey USA

3. mount desert island maine USA

I believe you can do this I think you are ready to go bird watching all by our self hope you spot some really cool birds and I really hope that you use these skills! And don’t forget to comment on this website and like I hope you learned something today! And I hope you come back with some birds and… don’t for get to submit on EBird! BY!


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